At Warehouse Frames 'n Gallery, we carry a large selection of quality Original Oil Paintings at discounted prices. Click Oil Paintings above to view some of our in-stock paintings.

Warehouse Frames 'n Gallery is a family owned and operated business which was established in 1982 by Teri and Don Waheed. Initially, the business plan was to import large quantities of ready made picture frames and sell at very low prices to local artists and several large wholesale commercial accounts including several art and craft stores in Texas.

Due to customer demand, we soon set up our own in house custom framing department which has continued to expand by offering very reasonable pricing for professional workmanship and framing design. Over the years the company has experienced exceptional growth in all areas and presently occupies over 34,000 sq feet of space in two buildings including the 20,700 sq foot main showroom at 3815 Fondren Rd Houston TX.

In addition to Don and Teri, their two sons Mark and Gregg Waheed have been an integral part of the business for over 25 years and continue to excel due to their hands on approach, experience and dedication. Presently, Warehouse Frames 'n Gallery imports container load quanitities of ready made frames and/or picture frame mouldings from five countries. This family business maintains a stock of over 20,000 picture frames and over 1,000 in-house custom frame mouldings for immediate purchase at discounted pricing. We also have samples of several thousand more custom mouldings which can be ordered for your framing requirements. Our company also offers a large selection of quality original oil paintings, hundreds of framed mirrors and an extensive selection of beautiful museum quality hand carved picture frames.

For the last few years we have expanded our commercial department which specializes in framed mirrors and framed art for apartment projects as well as home builders, hotels and other commercial ventures. Come in and take a look and we believe that you will be impressed with our huge selections, competitive pricing, quality workmanship and most of all our service oriented staff. The evolution of our business concept continues to improve and shows that we are on the right path. We hope you visit us and join the ranks of thousands of our satisfied customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.